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I am Johannes, a specialist for brand communication and trailrunner based in Erlangen, Germany.


Johannes Hendel

Specialist (Digital) Brand Communication

Driven by an irrepressible passion for outdoor sports, especially trail running, I have made it my mission to combine the knowledge I have built up over 13 years in brand communication with my expert level experience and skills in mountain sports and trail running. It’s about doing what I love the most. Just that simple.

I can look back on a varied and exciting professional career as an employee, self-employed person, project- and teamleader, head of department, founder and director, which now enables me to take the next step: my goal is to one day put myself unlimited at the service of a brand and use the years of expertise to strengthen that brand. I am ready to take responsibility for people and resources and use my expertise to empower a brand that can make the difference.

What sets me apart is my in-depth interdisciplinary and holistic knowledge and my ability to create identity-forming brand experiences to strengthen fan cultures. Good brands have customers. Excellent brands have fans. It´s all about making fans.

2023 - Today

Independent Trailrunning Media GmbH
Schwaigen, Germany

Freelance Partner digital communication

Realization of an independent medium for trail running

Since October 2023 I have been working with Benjamin Bublak and Christian Bruneß to build a brand for independent trail running journalism with some specific and pretty cool webtools for trailrunner.

2023 - Today

Waischenfeld, Germany

Freelance Partner event communication

Partnership with Wiesent-Challenge.de

A close partnership grew out of an organizer alliance between the LOWA Ultratrail Fränkische Schweiz and the Wiesent-Challenge. Initially, I supported the Wiesent-Challenge team by activating my (sponsor) network, later I became more involved in helping to shape the Wiesent-Challenge and have been responsible for event communication, digital and print, since the end of 2023.

2022 - Today

TRAIL Magazin
Unterwössen, Germany

Freelance Partner digital communication

Partnership with TRAIL magazine

Through projects combining my expertise in trail running and mountain sports with my know-how and skills as a specialist in digital brand communication, TRAIL Magazine became aware of me and hired me for the relaunch of the online platform with digitalization of the subscriber management. Since then, I have been an active project partner for the operation of the platform.

2021 - Today

LOWA Ultratrail Fränkische Schweiz
Erlangen, Germany

Founder & Director

Foundation of an Ultra Trail event

At the end of 2021, I founded the LOWA Ultratrail Fränkische Schweiz. Since then, as the director of the non-profit organization, I have been leading the event to become one of the most important trail running events in Germany.

2021 - Today

Run and Hike GmbH
Erlangen, Germany

Freelance Senior Consultant

Networking and active partnership

Since the foundation of the Run and Hike Store in the Erlangen Arcaden, I have been working as a freelance consultant for the company with regard to my expertise in (trail) running products and support in the implementation of campaigns.

2021 - 2023

Weisendorf, Germany

Freelance Technical Projekt Partner & Designer

Profile sharpening for mountain sports and trail running

Years of experience in editorial work and my skills in platform development flowed into the relaunch of the trailrunning24.de platform in 2021.

2021 - 2022

Roßtal, Germany

Freelance Senior Consultant

Entering the event industry

In order to combine my sporting expertise with my professional skills, I decided to specialize in brand communication in the mountain sports and trail running sectors in 2021. As a freelance consultant, I supported the event agency in the areas of customer journey, brand communication and marketing.

2019 - 2021

Birke und Partner
Erlangen, Germany

Head of Digital

Head of Digital Communication and Integration

As an expert in digital brand communication, my path led me back to my former employer and agency partner Birke und Partner. With the aim of digitally transforming brand cultures, I built up a team and headed up the department.

2018 - 2020

Pforzheim, Germany

Technical Project Partner & Designer

Lead of an international project team for platform development

In 2018, I was appointed to the committee for the development of an international journalism platform on the topic of tap water. As a technical project partner, I managed a global team and acted as a bridge between editorial and development.

2017 - Today

Team Schamel
Baiersdorf, Germany

Foundation of the Team Schamel

Establishment of a national ultra trail running team

From a simple athlete sponsorship with the Baiersdorf-based company Schamel Meerrettich, I developed today’s Team Schamel, which is already one of the most important German ultra trail teams on its way to becoming a national top team and is a special case apart from the sports brand-driven teams.

2016 - 2018

OpenKitchen GmbH
Nürnberg, Germany

CTO & Creative Director

Foundation of a sharing economy app

In 2016, I became a partner in the sharing economy start-up OpenKitchen. As CTO and Creative Director, I contributed my holistic expertise and led a global team of developers, designers, strategists and marketers in Germany, Thailand and India.

2016 - 2019

Birke und Partner
Erlangen, Germany

Freelance Senior Consultant

Switch to self-employment

In order to be flexible for further projects and the co-founding of a start-up (OpenKitchen), I became self-employed in 2016, but remained loyal to the Birke und Partner agency as a freelance senior consultant.

2014 - 2016

Birke und Partner
Erlangen, Germany

Junior Consultant

Specialization for brand communication

When I moved to the Erlangen-based communications agency Birke und Partner, I had arrived in the landscape of top agencies. From then on, my goal was to become a specialist in digital brand communication, starting as a junior consultant.

2013 - 2014

Besonders sein GmbH
Nürnberg, Germany

Designer & Developer

Gain experience and expand skills

To gain more experience and acquire new skills, I moved to Nuremberg to work in a traditional advertising agency. But I quickly realized that this was only a short stop on my journey to become an professional.

2011 - 2013

digiskill GmbH
Herzogenaurach, Germany

Web Developer

From male nurse to career changer

As a career changer, I started my career at an agency in 2011, initially as a trainee. Thanks to the knowledge I had accumulated through my own studies since my youth and my talent in design and web development, I was quickly able to contribute my qualities and took over the management of the small agency team after just two years.


Fließbachstraße 6,
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